Dysthymia Arrhythmia


Photo credits to abstractionnation

Hey there! the stranger from yesterday
I’ll take your services to end my disarray
What? You ran out of receipt?
Well stay instead, cause you’re in for a treat

Sorry mate,
but I sold my soul for cheap,
Will you still stay when there’s nothing that you can keep?
Just put it on my tab,
Add an interest to that
I’ll pay you in full when I get out of rehab

Let’s eat!
The bestseller is bloodmeat
A dish best served for cold hearts and stuttering feet
Then take a sip on their float,
Til’ our intestines bloat,
And let’s end this evening on a high note

I’ll spill my guts, literally on you
Cause I took a bite, a bit more than I can chew
Your words are poison, a taste I knew before
But the antidote’s out, so I’m begging for more

Use a bludgeon in my mouth
The words are stuck from fear and doubt,
If I expectorate my madness,
Will you decipher what it’s about?

Had I kept my pace faster, would time for sleep be enough?
Now all I’ve become is a false diamond in the rough

*So I’ll scour you with stone,
Rip the mask that you’ve shown,
Why can’t you live in my heart
And leave my poor head alone

Tar stains accumulate,
Anxious thoughts promulgate,
I’ll write your eulogy in this piece of blank slate
And in return,
Write my name in an urn
Restrain me inside when I finally crash and burn

I injected apathy in an attempt to disengage,
But mission failed, I’m declining with age

End this racketeering
Bullsh*t beckoning
Can’t you see that this is my reckoning
Disturb someone else’s sleep,
Cure my insomnia
You’re just a product of my worsening dysthymia

* Supposed to be the chorus (but shortened). This is another song-turned-poem of mine.

Been out for a month due to busy schedule and sh*t. But unbelievably, I’m still getting some peekers. So, thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Full Moon Blues


*I owe these all to you,
This disdain and full-moon blues
I’m gazing upward
But my vision’s backward

Thanks for everything
And cheers for loving you,
I gave you everything but you never stayed true
And so I write this full-moon blues

The sky tonight seems disconsolate
An omen about an awful fate
I never really stay up this late
But my heart is on a hideous state

I’ll drink and say cheers for loving you
As I write this full-moon blues

The tides has turned but I’m still down below
I gave you everything that I can bestow
Still I’m waiting for you to show

I’m a lone wolf howling at the moon
I keep waiting for a boon
But maybe I’m insane
There’s nothing here but bane

I’m a lone wolf howling at the moon
Wishing I can have you soon
But maybe I’m insane
There’s nothing here but pain

-The DementED

โ€ขThis was supposed to be a song (that’s why it looks irregular for a poem, but our band is currently inactive so I just posted it here.
The verse with “*” is supposed to be the chorus. ๐Ÿ™‚