Smooth Seas

From the soothing breeze
To the calm waters,
A perfect place
For all types of wanderers

Smooth seas don’t make great sailors
They say,
But I’m no sailor, so it’s okay
I’m just a mere wandering soul
I’m not in it for the long haul

I’m only here for peace of mind
To clear my thoughts from the daily grind
To wash my feet and feel the air
Take a break from life’s affair

Feel the sand on my toes
As I forget all of my woes
And dive down the pristine water,
Pretend it’s happily ever after

Enjoy the sun on my face
And be reminded of better days
Red skin, hot sand, and good feeling
What more will you be asking?
And even if it rains, It’s still okay
Rather than sit and work in the office all day
For enjoying the rain at the shoreline,
Is better than pretending you’re fine
So come here at sea,
for even just seconds you’ll see,
That though smooth seas don’t make great sailors,
They do give us calm interiors.

-The DementED

Summer just ended here in the Philippines and I already posted an ode to rainy season. So yeah, this is a bit late, but hey, everybody loves the sea at any given time, right? Or is it just me? Haha.

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Isolation Nation


Welcome to this nation,
With a population of only “one”,
Where streets are all empty,
And the view is a setting sun

It’s isolation nation
And I am its great president,
But with no one else to rule
For I’m its only resident

Back then I lived outside,
Mingling with other people,
But I cant stand their deeds
So cruel and so evil

I grew tired of their rules
and sick of following norms,
My heart became a desert,
devoid of all lifeforms.

A place where I found peace
Is this isolation nation,
A place built with walls
It’s my solitude station

This is my safe fortress
My own personal bunker
Protected and unharmed
Away from all disaster

Away from all insults
Criticism and judgment
Away from fake love
Just amplifying my torment

In this place,
I always feel at home
But I’m never really happy,
just sad and all alone

Though every now and then,
A stranger comes astray
But it seems I only scare them
Much to my dismay

And a bridge is burnt,
Everytime they leave,
Someday I’ll be stuck here
And no one else will grieve

I spent most of my time
Just staring into space
So I sit back in this old bench
Just hoping for better days

Empty Hallway


I remembered standing here before happy
As a sea of faces swarmed just around me
Faces so familiar, I called each a friend
Such bliss, I thought those times would never end

But now, as I look at this empty hallway
I could see how quickly time went away
I forgot the faces I swore I’d remember
All those fleeting moments turned to cold shoulder

I miss the loud noises we once made
But I guess time has now rained on our parade
These walls that once echoed our laughter
Now feels like caves, just looming of disaster

And just like old times, standing at the end is me
Patiently waiting for the coming of thee,
But I guess this empty hallway is a sign,
That I have lost all of what once was mine.


-The DementED

Stories Behind Bad Habits


I’ve never been a chain-smoker,
But these days I tend to smoke faster,
Because I’d rather fill my lungs with tar,
Than keep wondering where you are

I’d rather see falling ashes,
Than be haunted by recurrent flashes
Of all my life’s frustrations
That turned into bad manifestations

All these judging stares pass by,
It’s okay, I have no alibi
This might be the death of me,
But it’s okay if I’m not happy


Disclaimer: This does not imply that I’m a chain-smoker or that I’m supporting smoking. It’s harmful effects are still undeniable. Point is, we shouldn’t judge.


Step Inside My Mind

This is the entrance. A pathway to a different realm.

No, this isn’t literally a different world. This is but a story.

This is an anecdote. This is an anthology.

This is an excerpt from the mind of the dementED. This is the playlist of songs that play in my head over and over again.

This is my turf. This is my den.

Words. Poems. Songs. Pictures. Snippets. They are but the only mediums to unravel a place hidden inside skin, bones and flesh. Now, allow me to dissect this brain and spill my guts!

But wait, this isn’t solely about me. This is going to be a bloody mess of minds and music. This will be nuts!

This isn’t a “welcome”.

This is a warning!

Viki Pass