Smooth Seas

From the soothing breeze
To the calm waters,
A perfect place
For all types of wanderers

Smooth seas don’t make great sailors
They say,
But I’m no sailor, so it’s okay
I’m just a mere wandering soul
I’m not in it for the long haul

I’m only here for peace of mind
To clear my thoughts from the daily grind
To wash my feet and feel the air
Take a break from life’s affair

Feel the sand on my toes
As I forget all of my woes
And dive down the pristine water,
Pretend it’s happily ever after

Enjoy the sun on my face
And be reminded of better days
Red skin, hot sand, and good feeling
What more will you be asking?
And even if it rains, It’s still okay
Rather than sit and work in the office all day
For enjoying the rain at the shoreline,
Is better than pretending you’re fine
So come here at sea,
for even just seconds you’ll see,
That though smooth seas don’t make great sailors,
They do give us calm interiors.

-The DementED

Summer just ended here in the Philippines and I already posted an ode to rainy season. So yeah, this is a bit late, but hey, everybody loves the sea at any given time, right? Or is it just me? Haha.

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A Date with the Dead

I have always wondered
If I could talk to the dead
Should I talk to the famous
Or to you instead?

I know you’re still breathing
And you still have a pulse
But are you really living,
when it’s everyone you repulse

Oh but I forgot,
I’m dead inside too,
I’m always alone
the same way as you

But unlike you,
I haven’t lost hope,
I don’t constantly choke
my neck with a rope

I have scars on my heart
You have more on your wrist
I have my palms open
But you have a closed fist

You barely even eat
You take pills just to slumber
And a love for yourself
you can’t even foster

But you see,
I just want to aid
I wish I could stop
your use of the blade

But I cant understand
cause you wont let me in
You throw my concerns
straight down to the bin

No I’m not saying
I know better than you,
But all I want
is a table for two

You pour your heart out
And I’ll spill my guts
We’ll tell all our tales
No matter how nuts

But since you already said,
that you’d rather be dead,
I’ll just keep on waiting
with anxiety and dread.

– The DementED

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Unconventional Love

Full Moon Blues


*I owe these all to you,
This disdain and full-moon blues
I’m gazing upward
But my vision’s backward

Thanks for everything
And cheers for loving you,
I gave you everything but you never stayed true
And so I write this full-moon blues

The sky tonight seems disconsolate
An omen about an awful fate
I never really stay up this late
But my heart is on a hideous state

I’ll drink and say cheers for loving you
As I write this full-moon blues

The tides has turned but I’m still down below
I gave you everything that I can bestow
Still I’m waiting for you to show

I’m a lone wolf howling at the moon
I keep waiting for a boon
But maybe I’m insane
There’s nothing here but bane

I’m a lone wolf howling at the moon
Wishing I can have you soon
But maybe I’m insane
There’s nothing here but pain

-The DementED

•This was supposed to be a song (that’s why it looks irregular for a poem, but our band is currently inactive so I just posted it here.
The verse with “*” is supposed to be the chorus. 🙂

Dangerous Business


Photo (c)

“Be yourself” is a dangerous advice
Those were the words that led to my demise
For this world is so fund of scrutiny
They won’t stop till you face your tragedy

Being yourself gives them the creeps
They’d rather have us obey like sheeps
They’ll make you history in no time
As they wear you out for every dime

Little by little, you’ll lose yourself
Like an old book hidden in a worn-out shelf
And every single person, friend or foe
Will change like the tides, by ebb and flow

Maybe you think that you are different,
That you’re not like us, so abhorrent
But this, I tell you now
We all once thought like you somehow

So little kid, this is my advice
Before you show yourself, you better think twice
It’s dangerous business being sincere,
In a world that wants you to disappear

-The DementED


Oh how ironic it is
We kill time on a daily basis
To let the hours pass us by,
But in the end time kills you and I.

Time heals all wounds, it’s true
But doesn’t it cause all the cuts too?
In the end, we’re left with scars
As many as the nighttime stars

So how exactly do we win?
Against an enemy we’ve been akin
I’ll tell you now, it can’t be done
This is a battle no one’s ever won

Time is both a friend and foe,
Just make peace and settle your woe
Maybe I am wrong, with what I say
But even broken clocks are right twice a day.

Perhaps we should value time
More than how we save our dime
For time is nowhere to be sold
We all know, it’s worth more than gold


-The DementED