The Great Pretender


You throw the punchlines,
But the joke’s always been on you
You say all the clich├ęs
But you only speak and not do

You tell your friends to have hope
But you turn your back when there’s a slope
You tell a girl you love her,
But love for yourself you can’t even foster

You talk like you’re loud and proud,
But wear a mask when there’s a crowd
Be warned, for in this game of pretending,
You’ll only lose in the ending

-The DementED

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The Silent Killer


Credits to liza23q (deviantArt)

In this world today,
Death comes unexpected
From illnesses everywhere
And killers who are demented

But there’s one killer
you often disregard
It’s the silent killer,
The one that strikes hard

His name is Anger,
And he lives in everyone
He lives inside us
So there’s no way we can run

At first, you’ll think
That this emotion is harmless
The hype it causes
Sometimes we even harness

But this little devil
is a tricky troll
He eats your insides till you
Lose your control

He made kings lose their kingdoms
Husbands lose their wives
And made good men end fights
Through guns, swords and knives

He slaughtered thousands
Caused nations to fall,
He burned down bridges
And instead built a wall

He divided the united,
He turned friends into foes,
He caused all kinds of trouble
Tragedies and woes

So you better be careful
Before he comes for you
For he spreads faster
Than the cold or the flu

Always be calm
Dont let your sight turn to red
Have patience and humility
Before ‘Anger’ gets your head.

-The DementED

This is in response to the daily prompt: “Angry”.