Kurt Cobain – Smells Like 22 Years Ago


This is personal. This is a dedication.

April 5, 2016 – Today, the shot heard around the world turns 22, that’s almost as old as I am. The bullet has probably rusted. The brain and blood already cleaned up. The body already rotten. But the legend still lives.

Kurt Cobain is probably one of the most significant figure in my youth. Although he died before I was even born, his music through Nirvana has influenced and affected me in a lot of ways: my overall taste in music, my art and my way of thinking to name a few.

My parents has always hated my fondness for him from the start. They see him as a bad example. A rebel. A deviant. A drug addict. Everything they don’t want me to be. But they failed to stop me. (After all, they never felt like parents to me to begin with.) I still filled my room with Nirvana posters (along with other rock and metal bands that I look up to), for I’m sure my parents was looking at the wrong side of the picture.

It’s ironic how a man who took his own life, helped me to save mine but that is absolutely the case with me. He is kinda like the Jesus of music. Perhaps he killed himself so we don’t have to. I would like to believe so. He spilled his mind (yes, it’s a pun, sorry had to!) and guts so that we may never feel alone. Sounds like a stupid cliche, but that’s true. I’m pretty sure a lot of us went through the tragedies he’s been to, or at least I’m sure I have.

You see my life is a tragedy as well. It still is and I’m still figuring out how to get out of it. That is why I felt like it is significant for me to post a quote that has a lot of value to me nowadays. “Thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art”. Being dubbed as the voice of a generation, he did say a lot of sensible things, but this stood out for me the most. As an aspiring musician and writer, I believe the tragedies I’ve been through and currently undergoing are the fuel that lights my fire. My mind would probably be bland and ordinary without all this. So If I get the chance, I would like to say the same line to everyone or everything that contributed to my misery.

22 years has passed when he went out with a bang! (literally) and the gunshot still ripples through time and space. His music still plays like it was written yesterday. Kurt lived like a legend. Yes, it was sad that he went out with a tragedy. Nevertheless, I have to say “Thank you for the tragedy Kurt, I need it for my art.”

Step Inside My Mind

This is the entrance. A pathway to a different realm.

No, this isn’t literally a different world. This is but a story.

This is an anecdote. This is an anthology.

This is an excerpt from the mind of the dementED. This is the playlist of songs that play in my head over and over again.

This is my turf. This is my den.

Words. Poems. Songs. Pictures. Snippets. They are but the only mediums to unravel a place hidden inside skin, bones and flesh. Now, allow me to dissect this brain and spill my guts!

But wait, this isn’t solely about me. This is going to be a bloody mess of minds and music. This will be nuts!

This isn’t a “welcome”.

This is a warning!

Viki Pass