Comeback is Real – BetterHelp.Com and Getting Back to Blogging

Fabulous day to everyone.

As you can see, this would be my first post since August of 2016. So, I have been inactive for over a year now. A lot has happened to me since my last post, both positive and negative things. I stopped studying, got a job, saved a few bucks, went into a relationship, switched residential address and more importantly I diminished my anxieties among other things. My anxiety was the very foundation of this blog. This was my release.

Now almost 2 year later since Dysthymia Arrhythmia, I’m getting my hands back to wipe off the dust in Of Minds & Music. Sure, I have lost all momentum that I built back then. I might have a hard time gaining back the thousands of views I got in 2016, but that was never the point of this blog anyways. The views did however, made me feel like someone out there was listening; that people were listening. And I’m very thankful for everyone who gave this blog a glimpse.

Anyways, enough of the drama. I just want to tell you why I’m back in blogging. It’s not just due to my anxiety anymore. Although, it still exists, but it’s manageable. Probably just due to the day-to-day stress. The main reason I’m back to this site is because of BetterHelp.Com. One of the admins from BetterHelp contacted me through email starting last December. Unexpectedly, they stumbled across this blog and liked what they see. They told me I’ve portrayed anxiety, depression and mental illness in an interesting way, which was really flattering. Anyways, I’m gonna post more about on my next post here. If you’re wondering what their site is about, they’re one of the largest counseling platform. If you need help or know anyone who does, go check them out.

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The second reason, I’m back is because I started a new blog. I created another wordpress site that is about food and travel. Having a job has its perks and over the past year, I have consistently been to places (mostly restaurants and beaches) together with my girlfriend. She encouraged me to start a new blog since I have some spare time and to put our exploits to some use. So just days ago I launched Chew and Wander. It’s not much yet. It’s still on the rise and most probably, the ones who would find the blog beneficial would just be audiences in the Philippines; but if you’re from elsewhere you enjoy looking at unfamiliar territories and food pics you might want to give my new blog a view.


So there you have it. Here’s to a radiant new beginning. I’ll be posting some new poems in the next following day. I’m hoping for your continued patronage. I wasn’t really under the assumption that you’d care for this, but since you’ve been reading up to this point, then I’m kind of thinking now that you do. Because of that, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you good luck with your endeavors.

If you yourself have a blog, feel free to comment your blog down below and me and my friends will make sure to check it out.


The Liebster Award


Thanks a lot to Unnati Madan for nominating me! This is my first nomination. I’m grateful! 🙂

To start with, here are 11 facts about me:

1.) My name is Lester

2.) I’m still in college, majoring in psychology.

3.) I shifted from Engineering because it just wasn’t my passion. I had to rebel against my parents in order to do so.

4.) I’m a drummer and a vocalist in my band, but we’re currently inactive due to busy schedules.

5.) I’m a Logophile (a lover of words, especially complex ones.)

6.) I’m a Pluviophile (lover of rain)

7.) I love listening to Indie, Pop-punk, metal and Hardcore music. I also love songs with spoken word/poetry in them.

8.) I’m a Coffee and Tea junkie.

9.) I have a really large appetite

10.) I’m a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King

11.) My top goal is to travel the world someday.

Now, to answer her 11 questions:

1. Who are you ? ( In one sentence only)
• I am a flesh-covered container of blood and bones but I am way more than that. (Is that okay? Haha)

2.If you could start over, what would you change?
•I would not change anything. Even though I’ve experienced troubles and misery, I believe most of them were necessary. I wouldn’t be me without them.

3. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
•That I’ve never been wasted before. I’ve been almost drunk once, but never fully. I think it’s because I’m always the last one to go down. Haha

4. If given a chance to be invisible , what would you do ?
•Play pranks on people. Lol. And then try to be a hero.

5. What is happiness for you ?
•Happiness comes when you’re contented and at peace with yourself.

6. Your inspiration and why so ?
•Several people I know. There are people I know who has survived tough times. Even tougher than what I’ve been through. They inspire to continue with life and face my problems head on. 🙂

7. Your favourite song ?
• A lot. But recently “Where We Sleep Is Where We Dream” by Hotel Books has got me hooked. Listen to it too 🙂

8. If given a chance to go on a date with a celebrity , who would that be ?
•Cara Delevigne. Because she’s just plain awesome. She’s a great drummer too.

9. Are you happy with your life ?
•Not yet. But I’m trying to be happier each day.

10. What is the biggest achievement of your life till now ?
•Staying alive and staying strong until now is my greatest achievement. I’ve won several awards in school before though. haha (for writing, public speaking, etc.)

11. Who came first , the egg or the chicken ? Explain the reason.
•The chicken, because I’ve read that scientists have proven that the egg cannot be formed without the necessary proteins from the chicken. haha 🤔

So now, here are my 11 questions for my own set of nominees:

1.) How would you describe yourself?
2.) What are you currently doing with your life?
3.) What’s your most prioritized goal?
4.) What’s your favorite music artist/band?
5.) Who’s your favorite author?
6.) Which place would you want to travel to right now?
7.) What do you usually do during weekends?
8.) Whenever you feel lonely or lost, what do you do to unwind?
9.) If you could talk to a popular dead person, who would it be and what will you say to him/her?
10.) What are your greatest fears?
11.) What are you most proud of?

I nominate: p.s.

Still looking for other bloggers to nominate. So I’ll be looking around in my reader. Ugh! So many good bloggers to choose from. 😱

Again, thanks a lot Twinkle. A really great blogger herself. 😊

– Lester (The DementED)