Soundcheck Sundays: Being As An Ocean

Hi there readers!

Thank you very much for reading my poems, essays and other works. Today, marks the day in which I garnered 500 visitors for this blog. It might not be much for some of you veteran bloggers, but it’s a great milestone for me. It seems like yesterday I wasn’t even aware on how to actually blog, and yet now I’m almost doing it on a daily basis. Bottomline, I’m happy with what I’m doing, and for as long as I get a single view daily, I’ll keep doing it.

Anyway, as thanks, I would like to start a segment in my blog called Soundcheck Sundays. (Not just as thanks. I actually planned to this all along. hihihi. Wait, did I just type that?)

What do I mean by Soundcheck Sundays? Well, we will be checking out sounds, of course. Sounds are great ways to inspire us to write our own piece. Like the chirpping of the birds.. but what I mean about ‘sounds’ here is music. Aside from inspiration, music is a great way to lighten our moods or boost our emotions. Bottomline is: music is a necessity to human life. Therefore, I , together with other minds, will help you discover new songs weekly.

Every sunday, I’ll feature a non-mainstream band or artist from any genre, and shed a piece of my brain while doing so (not literally though, I heard that’s dangerous and can cause permanent brain dam.. ahh, anyway).

So, to start off, let me feature the first band for “Souncheck Sundays”:

Introducing, the American band from Alpine, California. Give it up for:

“Being As An Ocean”


Being As An Ocean formed in 2011. They started when Tyler Ross, Ralph Sica , Joel Quartuccio , and Shad Hamawe  left their previous band, Vanguard, in search of a new sound.

Current lineup (in order with the photo) :


  • Michael McGough – Vocals , Rhythm Guitar
  • Joel Quartuccio – Vocals
  • Tyler Ross – Lead Guitars
  • Ralph Sica – Bass
  • Jesse Shelley – Drums (not on the photo)


They are currently signed with Equal Vision Records, and this band is indeed rising quickly and is starting to have a very solid die-hard fanbase (which includes me, of course).

Just a little heads up, Being As An Ocean is a melodic hardcore/post-hardcore band. Which means, they have a lot of screams on their songs. So to those of you who don’t like screams or hardcore stuff, you might wanna tread lightly. But wait, this band isn’t your ordinary post-hardcore band. This band gives you the #feels like no other. So if you haven’t listened to a single post-hardcore band but are curious and would want to explore, then I actually believe BAAO is the right band to start with.

Musical style – As I’ve said this band is a melodic hardcore band, they incorporate screams to their songs as well as heavy sounds and riffs. But I would like to label the sound of this band as “poetrycore”. Why? Their lyrics are not your ordinary hardcore lyrics, they’re very poetic and moving. They offer raw emotions at the table, even a grown man would shed a tear listening to their songs. They even add spoken words to most of their songs.

If you don’t get a little bit moved after listening to a BAAO song, then you have to doubt yourself if you are actually human. It’s much better to hear it for yourself than take my word for it, right?

So, let’s start slow, shall we? start of with this song:

“The Sea Always Seems To Put Me At Ease”


So did you like what you heard? Pretty cool, huh?

Oh did I forget to mention that they’re a Christian band? Nevertheless, If you’re not a christian, I doubt you would mind, because this band is still beautiful. But if you insist, let’s move on to a song that’s less christian-ly. A little heads up, it’s about to get heavier.

“The Hardest Part is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget”

Talk about a hard-hitting title and even harder-hitting lyrics. Hear it out:


Just listen to the lyrics. If that didn’t move you, then perhaps this really isn’t your boat (or your ocean). But wait there’s more, here comes my favorite song from these guys.

“Death’s Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air”


If that didn’t move you enough, just check out the entire lyrics here: Lyrics for Death’s Great Black Wing . The lyrics, melody and instruments were enough explanation as to why this is one hell of a song. (or heaven, but we rarely say one heaven of a song, right?)

To end this weeks segment, I’ll end with their latest single, and still quite a gem:


This is their first song after signing with Equal Vision Records (they were formerly from InVogue Records)


Other noteworthy songs


So there you have it. Being As An Ocean. A band that offers alternating calmness like the calm seas on a sunny day, and angst like an ocean amidst a storm.

That’s it for this week’s Soundcheck Sundays.

So it’s time for me to ask you questions: What do you think about Being As An Ocean? What band/artist do you want me to listen to and feature next week? And what is your overall taste for music?  What other elements can I add to ‘Souncheck Sundays’? Drop your answers in the comment box below or email it to me (Contact), and I might feature your blog next week.

Thank you very much, and keep in touch for more poems, write-ups and ‘soundchecks’. Have a great week! 🙂


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Rain on My Parade – The Start of Pluvial Season

May 30, 2016 – Summer is finally dismantling itself and it’s rainy season again here in the Philippines. Droplets of water are starting to drip from the sky like gift from gods. Pluviophiles will rejoice. Little children who wants to play under the sun would have to wait a while. Sun-tanned skin will be out of style. Beach-goers would be minimized and ahhh.. it’s the perfect time to start brewing some hot cup of chocolate, coffee or tea; whichever you prefer.

Another perfect thing to do is listening to songs that fit the gloomy mood that rain brings. As a pluviophile myself, I could say it’s a different definition of gloom. It’s the beautiful kind. The kind in which you feel as if the earth is in a semi-sad state, yet you understand it completely. It’s not entirely lonely but “peaceful”. Calm. Serene.

When the cold breeze kisses your skin, your insides shiver. You tear up a little, but it also gives you peace. Well, whatever. I’m just exaggerating for poetry’s sake. lol. It’s unexplainable, really. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect mood for me.

Like I said, it’s the perfect time to listen to calm or gloomy songs, and the top artist on my rainy season playlist is non other than the rock band from Florida: “Mayday Parade”.

I’m not totally sure why, but it seems the emotions in their songs are amplified when it’s raining and it’s just damn near perfect when I plug in the earphones, sip my cup of coffee and smell the rainy breeze around me. I feel as if I’m serenaded by angels namely Derek Sanders and Jason Lancaster (former member). Songs from their album “A Lesson In Romantics” are my personal favorites.

So yes, that’s the rain on my parade. my Mayday Parade. 😂

Other artists I heavily listen to when it’s raining would be Tame Impala, STRFKR, You Me At Six, Being As An Ocean, Turnover, Balance and Composure and a whole lot more. It’s quite diverse actually. A blend of soothing, psychedelic indie music and a touch of emotional rock to poetic hardcore sounds.

How about you? What songs or artists do you listen to when it’s raining? Speak your mind and comment down below.

Have a great day and I hope you enjoy your weather wherever you are. 🙂