Dangerous Business


Photo (c) yonasongoldson.com

“Be yourself” is a dangerous advice
Those were the words that led to my demise
For this world is so fund of scrutiny
They won’t stop till you face your tragedy

Being yourself gives them the creeps
They’d rather have us obey like sheeps
They’ll make you history in no time
As they wear you out for every dime

Little by little, you’ll lose yourself
Like an old book hidden in a worn-out shelf
And every single person, friend or foe
Will change like the tides, by ebb and flow

Maybe you think that you are different,
That you’re not like us, so abhorrent
But this, I tell you now
We all once thought like you somehow

So little kid, this is my advice
Before you show yourself, you better think twice
It’s dangerous business being sincere,
In a world that wants you to disappear

-The DementED


Oh how ironic it is
We kill time on a daily basis
To let the hours pass us by,
But in the end time kills you and I.

Time heals all wounds, it’s true
But doesn’t it cause all the cuts too?
In the end, we’re left with scars
As many as the nighttime stars

So how exactly do we win?
Against an enemy we’ve been akin
I’ll tell you now, it can’t be done
This is a battle no one’s ever won

Time is both a friend and foe,
Just make peace and settle your woe
Maybe I am wrong, with what I say
But even broken clocks are right twice a day.

Perhaps we should value time
More than how we save our dime
For time is nowhere to be sold
We all know, it’s worth more than gold


-The DementED

The Breakfast Drama

Never skip your breakfast, they say
For it powers up your entire day
In that case, give me a plateful of rice
to bring back the energy in my eyes

Please give me three strips of bacon
and hope that my spirits would awaken
Also, give me pancakes too
Please hurry up, without further ado

And hand me two pieces of hotdog
to help me operate my inner cog
I’d also like a cup of tea
so I can forget about my family

Otherwise, give me coffee so strong
that it can defend me whenever I’m wrong
Don’t forget about the yummy eggs,
to reenergize my tired legs

Please forgive my numerous orders
Be patient please for I have disorders
I am just a man with a mental dilemma
Perhaps it manifests through my breakfast drama


-The DementED

Nine Lives

If I had nine lives,
then today I have died twice,
I’ve given all my efforts,
But none of them suffice

My whiskers are now bent,
My fur now left shaggy,
It seems so apparent,
That I’ve been through tragedy

I’m often left out puzzled
What have I done?
My swagger is now over,
My swiftness long gone

And I have died before,
I seemed to lose count,
It doesn’t matter anymore,
For nothing, I will amount

I wish I was a phoenix
Each death, I rise anew
But I am just a feline,
Soon enough, I’ll be due


-The DementED

Empty Hallway


I remembered standing here before happy
As a sea of faces swarmed just around me
Faces so familiar, I called each a friend
Such bliss, I thought those times would never end

But now, as I look at this empty hallway
I could see how quickly time went away
I forgot the faces I swore I’d remember
All those fleeting moments turned to cold shoulder

I miss the loud noises we once made
But I guess time has now rained on our parade
These walls that once echoed our laughter
Now feels like caves, just looming of disaster

And just like old times, standing at the end is me
Patiently waiting for the coming of thee,
But I guess this empty hallway is a sign,
That I have lost all of what once was mine.


-The DementED

Stories Behind Bad Habits


I’ve never been a chain-smoker,
But these days I tend to smoke faster,
Because I’d rather fill my lungs with tar,
Than keep wondering where you are

I’d rather see falling ashes,
Than be haunted by recurrent flashes
Of all my life’s frustrations
That turned into bad manifestations

All these judging stares pass by,
It’s okay, I have no alibi
This might be the death of me,
But it’s okay if I’m not happy


Disclaimer: This does not imply that I’m a chain-smoker or that I’m supporting smoking. It’s harmful effects are still undeniable. Point is, we shouldn’t judge.


Step Inside My Mind

This is the entrance. A pathway to a different realm.

No, this isn’t literally a different world. This is but a story.

This is an anecdote. This is an anthology.

This is an excerpt from the mind of the dementED. This is the playlist of songs that play in my head over and over again.

This is my turf. This is my den.

Words. Poems. Songs. Pictures. Snippets. They are but the only mediums to unravel a place hidden inside skin, bones and flesh. Now, allow me to dissect this brain and spill my guts!

But wait, this isn’t solely about me. This is going to be a bloody mess of minds and music. This will be nuts!

This isn’t a “welcome”.

This is a warning!

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