The Great Pretender


You throw the punchlines,
But the joke’s always been on you
You say all the clichΓ©s
But you only speak and not do

You tell your friends to have hope
But you turn your back when there’s a slope
You tell a girl you love her,
But love for yourself you can’t even foster

You talk like you’re loud and proud,
But wear a mask when there’s a crowd
Be warned, for in this game of pretending,
You’ll only lose in the ending

-The DementED

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  1. Damn. That was amazing. You are amazing. The emotion that is poured into your writing is indescribable. I’m not that great with words so I don’t know how to word this. What I’m trying to say that you’re amazing and so talented and everything. But yea, I’m just a socially awkward, beautiful magical sparkly, UNICORN. And I love your work. Bye bye.
    That’s my rant.

    Liked by 1 person

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