The King Is Dead – A Tribute To Ali


In a world full of warriors,
He was feared by inferiors,
Many of them kept fighting
but there is only one true king

His name is Muhammad Ali,
Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee,
Dreaded for his strategy,
Cause they can’t hit, what they can’t see

He moved flawlessly in the ring,
Like a butterfly you can’t capture,
But his punches like a bee sting,
causing blood of his foes to rupture,

The Thrilla in Manila,
was like King Kong vs Godzilla
He went toe-to-toe with Joe,
As the world watched every blow

In the end he got the victory,
A perfect ending to a trilogy,
And everyone knew his name
For he got skill, fortune and fame

But it wasn’t just about boxing
Ali was more than one thing,
He has helped those in need,
Clearly a man showing no greed,

Now, the young study his every move,
He has nothing left to prove
So even though he is deceased
His memories will never cease

His glory was immense
The world knew what he’s about,
But now the king is dead,
for in the end, life knocks you out.

-The DementED

RIP Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.)

Write your own tribute for arguably the greatest boxer of all time, too.

While you’re at it. Check out maria9saif’s cute art about Ali’s famous quote here. I really liked it!

You might also want to check out my previous poem:Β  A Kid Again


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