Withered Past, Blurry Purpose


Credits to derlevi

Ever since I was a kid
I’ve always really wondered
What is my purpose?
I often loudly blundered

I always thought that to love
Is what I need to do,
Find myself a partner
And love her oh so true

But then I met this girl
She only broke my world
It left me inconsolable
My open heart curled

And so I thought
Maybe to work is my goal
Strive hard daily
And wait for my payroll

But after the daily grind
Of trying to reach my goal
It left my body stressed
And exhausted up my soul

So I was left wondering
What am I to do?
When I’ve tried everything
And still left without clue

Perhaps figuring out my purpose
Is a purpose in itself
Reach out to the world
And not hide in a shelf

Giving service can be a start
Spread the goodness in people’s heart
Or have passion in everything
So even work won’t be boring

But then again,
I still have lots of woes
So many problems left to fix
And issues left to close

And dealing with my demons
Right now, is priority
So until then
My purpose remains blurry

-The DementED

This is in response to the Daily Prompt:




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