An Encounter with the Dream Reaper


Credits to dandwiki

There’s a story hidden
Inside the confines of my flesh
Constructs of reality
And fantasies that don’t mesh

It’s a dream
and it’s getting out of hand
Like an outrageous breakdown
From a sick metal band

But lo and behold,
This world ain’t kind to dreamers
Back then I wasn’t told
That most dreamers turn to weepers

Cold-blooded brethrens
Try to stab you in the back
Judgmental eyes
Try to slag the things you lack

Therefore, I thought
That this old dream is done
My hype and inspiration
Is now nearly gone

As I uttered these thoughts
A dark figure appeared
Came out of nowhere
His face kind of weird

I wasnt prepared
For the next things that occured
He opened a portal
as he uttered the words

“Welcome to the place
where dreams come to die
Just end them now
And no need to vie for lies

No need to tell yourself
That anything is possible
No one believes that
Except the fool and the gullible

The real world is harsh
So evil and so blue
If you want to fit in
This place is perfect you

Forget all your dreams
It’s time to let go
They caused you nearly nothing
But trouble and woe”

As I thought it out,
I realized I wasn’t ready
I haven’t prepared  a
proper coffin and a eulogy

This is the dream
That defined me for years
No wonder I’m struck
And broke down to tears

When I thought it out,
This is not what I wanted
And so I refused
Left the figure dissapointed

I’ve never been an optimist
But this time I’ll try
For I’m good as dead too
If this dream comes to die


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