Hopeless, Not Romantic


Credits reserved to whoever owns this photo

At first I thought you are what I need
A beautiful creature whose mind I could read
Yet as time went by I realized my fault
And so I wanted my emotions to halt

If we paired up, we wouldn’t have connected,
You were insane, but I was more demented,
I’m a wildfire, you were a flame
We burnt differently though we seemed the same

I almost spilled my mind and guts
Cleaning them up would have been nuts!
I would’ve played a dangerous game
You don’t even know me, only my name

Another thing I failed to consider,
You needed a prince not a bottomfeeder
All signs say I’m not what you need
I’m just as broken, you were wise to take heed

Everyone knows you deserve paradise,
Not be part of my awful demise
I guess it was clear, I’m just a tragedy,
So why bother listen to my heart’s soliloquy

Now there’s a lot of things left to be said,
Perhaps I would, but they’re better off dead
I know for sure, you could have saved me
But now I’ll learn to be content with misery

-The DementED
Note: My poems does not necessarily reflect my current state or feelings.

What? I’m being defensive? Well, deal with it reader. haha



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