A Pluviophile’s Paradise – An Ode to Rainy Season

I hear them say rain, rain go away
The little children want to play
But I’m a pluviophile so let it rain
And let it wash away my pain

After everyone rained on my parade
Pluvial season finally came to aid
So bid farewell to the sizzling sun
Summer season has come and gone

After the mess was left by summer
Rain is here to clean the clutter,
Also to fix my burns and woes,
with soothing puddles on my toes

I don’t need to hide from its breeze,
for it is worthwhile even if I sneeze
And when it pours, I’d like to play
And let it mend my disarray

There’s just something about rain that makes me calm,
Gets rid of my worries and sweaty palms
Gives me tranquility and peace of mind,
A perfect escape from the daily grind

And every drop is a work of art
It replenishes my tired heart
Its pitter-patter, a lovely song
Makes me feel that I belong

So rain, rain, please don’t go
You’re clearly a friend, not a foe
And though your touch is as cold as ice,
You are this pluviophile’s paradise


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