Isolation Nation


Welcome to this nation,
With a population of only “one”,
Where streets are all empty,
And the view is a setting sun

It’s isolation nation
And I am its great president,
But with no one else to rule
For I’m its only resident

Back then I lived outside,
Mingling with other people,
But I cant stand their deeds
So cruel and so evil

I grew tired of their rules
and sick of following norms,
My heart became a desert,
devoid of all lifeforms.

A place where I found peace
Is this isolation nation,
A place built with walls
It’s my solitude station

This is my safe fortress
My own personal bunker
Protected and unharmed
Away from all disaster

Away from all insults
Criticism and judgment
Away from fake love
Just amplifying my torment

In this place,
I always feel at home
But I’m never really happy,
just sad and all alone

Though every now and then,
A stranger comes astray
But it seems I only scare them
Much to my dismay

And a bridge is burnt,
Everytime they leave,
Someday I’ll be stuck here
And no one else will grieve

I spent most of my time
Just staring into space
So I sit back in this old bench
Just hoping for better days


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