First Dates and First Times
Yesterday, I posted about an app called HaikuJAM which I discovered through App Store. I’ve been using the said app almost nonstop from then on and I’ve had the chance to work with several amazing poets. (There were a lot who got to my nerves as well, but let’s not dwell on that.)

So HaikuJAM has these gimmicks called “competitions” (it is what it is) in which they set a certain topic or title, and you have to create a haiku based on that said topic in order to compete. If you get picked to win, they give away certain prizes (they’re not that big, nevertheless still amazing). The good thing about this is you can have unlimited entries. So if you have a lot of ideas, just start a lot of JAMs and hope that the people who join you doesn’t have a potato for a brain. (Haha. I’m kidding here. No offense, potatoheads.)

Today, the competition was all about “First Dates” and “Someone New” which seemed to be related to or sponsored by Tinder, since they indicated that you can win some Tinder swag. I’m not a big fan of Tinder but I never back down from competitions, so I gave it a shot. (A lot of shots, to be honest. I started more than 10 JAMs about the said topics. Haha.)

Scared, she made her way

And she witnessed the most amazing sight

He brought a beautiful bouquet

On one of my tries, I had a chance to collaborate with two promising poets. Namely Shruti Singhal and Saadia Ibrahim Shaikh. I had to write the last line to conclude the haiku, so it was a lot of pressure for me as I saw that the first two lines were nothing short of well-done. Haikus don’t necessarily have to rhyme, but on this piece, it was just too tempting for me and It was almost as if it was just right there, waiting to be typed. So I wrote in my line and clicked “publish”.

To my shock, it was a good hit! We immediately garnered a double-digit amount of likes from other users, which was my first time since installing this app. Just a little bit later, we got featured on their frontpage. It was a small thing, but it was fulfilling. I’m not talking about the part where we got featured, but just having the chance to shed a piece of my brain was indeed worthwhile. It relieved my stress and anxieties for a while.

Go ahead and give HaikuJAM a try, yourself. 🙂


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